12 December 2013

How to Convert newline to comma from List of Words

newline to comma
Newline to Comma
Sometimes you need to find out the duplicate words written in a list of words written with newline, the easy way of converting back to comma separated sentience is to convert newline into comma or any other separator.

Do the following things:

1. open your advanced notepad editor such as SciTE or notepad++ or any other editor.

2. paste/write your each words in each line.

3. Go to Replace/Find (shortcut keyboard is Ctrl+H)

4. In place of Find what, write:  \r\n

5. In place of Replace with, write: (comma)

5. Tick mark the following related options:
- Wrap around
- Transform backslash expressions


Example sentence: 




Now after editing the words, you may want to write each word in each line separated by newline. return back to your comma separated sentence.

To do that , read this: How to Convert comma with newline in a Sentence

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