03 December 2013

Zend Framework hello world Tutorial

Zend Framework hello world
This is a compact tutorial on Zend Framework hello world.

If you like to know more , then read the Zend Framework Documentation.

First, you need to download Zend framework from below links.
or visit: framework.zend.com

After Download , unzip the file and place inside your host / locahost .

Open the php.ini file .

Add the include path of library folder of zend like this :

include_path = "/ZendFramework-1.11.0-minimal/library"

edit php.ini

Create a project name as "MyWebsite" and copy the library folder from zend.
folder tree
- Folder Tree -

Detailed folder Structure :

| |_config
| |_models
| |_modules
|   |_public
|     |_controllers
|     | |_IndexController.php
|     |
|     |_views
|       |_scripts
|       | |_index
|       |   |_index.phtml
| |_Zend


Download : MyWebsite.zip and unzip it in your host/localhost
It includes zend library , and index page.

If any problem , comment below.

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