01 February 2017

How to Replace space with Dash in PHP

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It is very common requirement to do a task where you need to Replace space with Dash in PHP.

PHP has a function str_replace() function which takes 3 parameters:
 i) look for that character
 ii) replace with the character
 iii) source string
Replace space with Dash in PHP
Replace space with Dash in PHP

For example : If the string is "Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh"
then the result will be "Dhaka_is_the_capital_city_of_Bangladesh"

Example code :
    $str = "Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh":
    $result = str_replace(" ", "-", $str);
    echo $result ;


ASCII code of dash/Hyphen symbol :


str_replace( find, replace, string, count )

find        the value to look for
replace  the value to change with
string     the value to search for
count      to count the number of times it occurs

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mark said...

Thanks, this was the most clear and precise example I could find on the interwebs, works great, thanks!