13 October 2017

Learn about Exalytics, Exadata and Exalogic - Oracle

1) What is Oracle Exalytics?
2) What components come with Exalytics?
3) Is there a demonstration of Exalytics anywhere?
4) What is the difference between Exalytics, Exadata and Exalogic?
5) I already have Oracle BI 11g, does Exalytics replace my existing hardware?
6) What is TimesTen?
7) How does the TimesTen in-memory database get populated?
8) Can we cache further data into the in-memory database whilst the system is running?
9) Using the in-memory database seems to be similar to BI Server "caching", is this true?
10) My data is not stored in an Oracle database, can I still use Exalytics?
11) It sounds fantastic, but does Exalytics have any limitations?
12) I don't currently use Essbase, so how would I use the Essbase component on Exalytics?
13) I have more than 1TB of data, can I still use Exalytics?
14) Does Exalytics support real-time Business Intelligence?
15) Does this mean I no longer need a Data Warehouse?
16) With Exalytics can I still use Maps, Mobile Analytics (iPad) and Balance Scorecards?
17) How is Exalytics licensed?
18) I am already licensed for Oracle BI 11g, can I migrate my existing licenses?
19) How has Essbase changed for Exalytics?
20) Once the box arrives, do I have to install Exalytics or is it all pre-installed?
21) What happens if I load in more data than TimesTen's memory capacity?
22) What happens if I reboot the machine, do I lose my in-memory cache?

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