15 December 2013

How to Open HyperLink Using bat File in Windows XP

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To do this work , Do the following things:

Go to Start => Run => Notepad

Write the following code in that file :

cd C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer
start iexplore.exe http://www.google.com

Save as the File and give extension .bat

For example :

batch file create a file named openGoogleIE.bat

Done .

Bat File : In DOS, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows, batch file(.bat) is the name given to a type of script file, a text file containing a series of commands to be executed by the command interpreter.


Start     Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.

CD      (Change Directory) is a command used to switch directories in MS-DOS.

Echo      is used to repeat the text typed in back to the screen and can be used to echo to a peripheral on the computer, such as a COM port.

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