23 October 2013

Disable/Stop Auto Update in Skype

Q.How to Get rid of Update messege in skype ? How to stop auto update manually ?

Solution 1:
Go to Start - Run , type:  %temp%
Search for file SkypeSetup.exe and delete it. To block download, create a folder named SkypeSetup.exe
This will block from automatic download in windows.

Solution 2:
Right-click on My Computer ,choose Manage
On right side panel, Double click Services and Applications
Double click Services
Find Skype Updater on right side panel ,Double click it.
At the middle , you will see Startup Type, Select it and choose Disabled.
Click OK.

Solution 3:
Log in to your Skype account.
Go to Tools, Options
On left side, look for Advanced button, Choose Automatic updates
On right side, Click on Turn off automatic updates , it will change.
Click Save.

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