11 May 2013

How to Open Multiple links/websites at once with bat file

batch file
With a Batch file you can create a script that will open Multiple websites/links in just a single click . You need to write  a (dot).bat(batch) file to do this task.

Steps to do :
Step1: Go to Start->Run -> type "notepad" and click OK

Step2: Paste this following code :

START C:\"Program Files"\"Mozilla Firefox"\firefox.exe http://www.google.com/ http://www.facebook.com http://www.yahoo.com

Step 3 : Save it (Go to file-> Save ) with file name : quickstart.bat

NOTE: Make sure that your file ends with .bat or else it wont work.
Another important thing is dont give newline in between web address, just give a singe space in between them.

Run the file and hope it might work.

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